signed, nostalgia.

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I basically lived on blogs around 2008-2010 (especially Kanye’s old blog, Mobliving, Herfection  , and illroots). Around that time I started changing a lot from being comfortable with the norm to being against it. I found N*E*R*D on the Billionaire Boys Club blog and that was my gateway to the whole skateboard subculture that I’m in love with now. I found links to Kanye’s old posts and it made me so happy. Seeing Kanye’s art and music posts from the “backpack era” reminded me of that stage in my life when I started to find myself. It reminded me of the old me who was afraid to express herself fully. I cared about how people viewed me and I was afraid to have a solid voice but now I don’t care. I value my self-expression and identity fully as a 20-year-old.

Blogs were so “in” around that time and I’m a little mad at myself because I didn’t hop on that bandwagon and start on my music journalism or simply just my journalism journey. It’s never too late so here is where I begin. Nostalgia is so powerful and warm. Looking at a picture or listening to a song can carry you into a past memory so quickly, its ridiculous.

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