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SHOWstudio interviews Kanye West

People love to call Kanye egotistical, crazy and arrogant based on his frustrated interviews in the past. We can’t think of a future presidential candidate like this (Yes, he’s serious about running). This interview shows the real/calm Kanye. He talks about his usual issues like class-ism, visionaries, defining who he is, creativity, black people in fashion, the future, and his greatest contributions to music. Kanye seems like the type that can’t find the right words when his mind is racing. His stream of consciousness might be confusing but there’s inspiration in it. It’s a long interview so get ready to learn a lot about his paradox of a mind.

P.S. : According to Kanye, Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak > My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
let that sink in

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