Local Music: BAMBOO – KP Coolin’


Hip Hop lives in Miramar too! The Miramar native, KP Coolin, released a new EP titled Bamboo. Bamboo features a refreshing Hip Hop/R&B sound. His flow and sounds stand out (he isn’t following the trap trend). He shows that Hip Hop doesn’t have to follow a trend to be good. He talks about real issues that occur in life like trust, love, and grinding. Water and Break Free feature samples (You know I love them). Most songs on the EP feature a catchy chorus which brings R&B elements into his version of Hip Hop. The EP ends with I Swear, a motivational track that shows that KP Coolin is driven to follow his dreams. This EP is an example of how versatile Hip Hop is.

Listen to the EP here

Check out a freestyle by the artist below:

aafleur favorites: On, Cookin Up, Break Free, Life Goes On

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