Sample Saturdays: “Shadows” by Childish Gambino

I’m still patiently waiting for new Childish Gambino, but this new post for Sample Saturday will feature Shadows from his latest album, Because the Internet. Because the Internet is Gambino’s second studio album. It mixed screenplay styles with music and delved into the depths of the internet. II. Shadows is track #6 on the album and was produced by the lovely Thundercat.

This track used the sample, Space Funk by Manzel.  Manzel was an instrumental funk band from Lexington, Kentucky who released one LP, Midnight Theme. The track Space Funk was created in 1977 and has been used by Grandmaster Flash and Eric B. & Rakim. II. Shadows borrowed the track’s peddling rhythm and melody. The 70s will always seem like samples’ heaven. Listen to Manzel’s LP below.

Look at a live performance of Shadows below:

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first

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