Sample Saturdays: “Smuckers” by Tyler the Creator


Tyler, Kanye and Wayne on one track? Yup. Smuckers is track 11 on Tyler the Creator’s latest album Cherry Bomb. Kanye West and Lil Wayne bring Tyler’s favorite era in each of their verses; Tyler loved and asked for Kanye’s College Dropout era and Wayne’s early 2000s era. Tyler originally made the beat in 2011 and sent it to Jay-Z and Kanye but took it back because he wanted a more complex sound (he added horn sections and drum kicks). The sample used within the track is Metropolis Notte by Gabriele Ducros, an Italian musician, composer, and arranger. The sample is featured on the LP Freedom Power (download here) that was released on the Cometa Records label.tumblr_inline_ny8bd10ah81qcrn3n_400

Many people think that Tyler is a dumb, hyper,and demonic rapper with no talent but with each album release he’s showing how talented he is. Tyler raps, produces, scores, has his own carnival, has his own mobile network, Golf Media, has his own clothing line and probably even more that I’m not aware of.

Don’t sleep on him.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first

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