Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven Review

Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven was released last week on December 4th. It is Kid Cudi’s fifth studio album and is completely different from his previous endeavors. The genre of the entire album leans towards grunge-indie rock; straying from the alternative hip-hop sound that we’re used to hearing from Cudders. The album features 26 tracks of Cudi spewing out deep and dark emotions through guitar and bass. When he tweeted about the approach of the album back in July he wasn’t kidding (He also dedicated the album to “everyone struggling with mental disorder all around the world.”). According to Cudi, the album is Alternative and not Hip-Hop/Rap; it can be compared to his 2012 album WZRD. Many people are not comfortable with the direction of the album and would rather hear something similar to his MOTM days. Many blogs and websites have given the album bad ratings, BUT Kid Cudi has all the artistic freedom to experiment with his sound and express himself. The fact that the album is a polar opposite to what made him the “God of alternative Hip Hop”, has made most reactions biased. As an artist, Kid Cudi has been boxed in as a Hip Hop artist. With this album, he’s broken out of the box and colored out of the lines. The raw emotion displayed in the album may not be packaged well throughout, but there are gems within it.

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P.S: Get ready for the random Beavis and Butt-Head skits by Mike Judge

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