Woman Wednesday: Vivaledanielle

Danielle is an artist hailing from South Florida. Her work and sketches contain various mediums like Prismacolor, Acrylic Paint, and Watercolor. Within her beautiful/trippy art, there are bright vivid colors and common themes of psychedelics, energy, and spiritual concepts. The Surrealistic methods within her art make it even the more breathtaking. I own one of her pieces titled “The Radiant Child” and I’m still in awe, the feelings that the piece struck me at first glance remain the same (She also did a Rihanna drawing commission for a cute Christmas gift. Her talent speaks for itself as you can see, she has the power to make trippy imagery come to life.

You can contact Danielle on her Etsy Page, Twitter, and Instagram. View more of her artwork/my favorites below:


“The Radiant Child”




“I Can Teach You”


“Fuck the Small Talk, Show Me Your Soul”


“Growing As One”


“Kawaii Kitty’s”


“Last Seasons of the Year”




“Wake Up”


“Earl-y Bird”

#girlpower ♡


Author: aafleur

Hi, I’m Ayana. I love culture and all things creative. I created this website in 2015 to post content that I like including local music, culture, and my own interviews. Readers can find local/international art, profiles, music, interviews, and series here. I also promote and support upcoming artists and musicians.

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