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Vice: Biscayne Blvd.

Vice goes along Miami’s famous Biscayne Boulevard for their ongoing “Streets” Series. Within the short documentary, Emerson Rosenthal takes us on a short Miami city-guide. Biscayne stretches north and south through North Miami, MIMO District, Little Haiti, Design District, Wynwood, and Downtown. Vice goes into the history of some locations along the Boulevard. Rosenthal talks about the drug trade (along with Pablo Escobar) that changed the face of Miami with Mickey Munday. He also talks about the “Peter Pan” influx of young Cubans during the start of Castro’s Communist revolution.The docu also leads into Miami Bass and gentrification (raising taxes) especially within Little Haiti. Voodoo aka (Spritiual Cleansing) is also talked about and the crew gets their own spiritual cleansing. The host also sat down with Tara Solman who revolutionized the party scene in Miami (P.S.The Cosmo and Bottle service began in Miami!) Look at the video above and learn about a little bit of Miami.


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I love culture and all things creative. Self-expression and self-exploration are highly regarded. As a sociology major, I fell in love with the concept of culture and its effect on creativity. In 2015, I created my website to post the products of imagination and personality.

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