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Sample Saturdays: “Butter” by A Tribe Called Quest


Unfortunately, the world lost Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor) aka The Five-Foot Assassin on March 22nd of this year. In honor of his life and distinctive raps, the series will feature “Butter”. The catchy chorus stuck with me since my first listening of The Low End Theory. “Butter” is the third track on A Tribe Called Quest’s second studio album. Phife Dawg increased his participation on the second album after learning about his diabetes and the departure of Jarobi White. A Tribe Called Quest is known for fusing hip-hop with calming jazz and the samples made this possible. Within the track Butter, two samples were layered. The first sample was created by Weather Report’sYoung and Fine. Weather Report was an American jazz fusion band of the 1970s and 1980s. They releasedYoung and Fine on their 8th studio album in 1978. The Young and Fine sample acts as the backbeat on Butterwhile Chuck Jackson’s I Like Everything About You instrumental acts as the bassy front-beat. Chuck Jackson is an American R&B singer who, in 1968, released I Like Everything About You on his thirteenth studio album, Chuck Jackson Arrives. A Tribe Called Quest used pioneer genres in the new genre of HipHop. With this creativity, they paved a way for other artists to cross genres and mold music together. Without A Tribe Called Quest, a lot of our present artists wouldn’t have their sound or ideas. We lost a great and we should always acknowledge and thank the greats. As I end this post, I send a thank you to Phife Dawg as he Rests In Peace.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the samples first

Young and Fine by Weather Report

I Like Everything About You by Chuck Jackson


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