Sample Saturdays: “Chamber of Reflection” by Mac Demarco


Chamber of Reflection is track 9 on Mac Demarco’s second studio album Salad Days. Mac Demarco fans have questioned the FreeMason reference in the song title but I’ll leave “conspiracies” out of the post. They’ve also questioned whether Demarco gave credit for sampling but at least we know who he sampled. Mac Demarco is a Canadian singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. He’s popular amongst the indie scene and is recognized for his “lazy” soft rock vibe. Chamber of Reflection is an 80′s inspired, vaporwave song about you guessed it…reflection. The song’s melody is heavily influenced by a sample of Shigeo Sekito’s “The Word II”.  “The Word II” ( ザ・ワードⅡ / セキトウ・シゲオ) is a 1975 Japanese jazz-synth track from Shigeo Sekito’s Special Sound Series Vol.2. Shigeo Sekito had short lived famed but was known as one of Japans’ top electone players. The 70′s continues to rule the sampling world. Maybe it was the most original time for music? Let me know what you think.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first.

The Word II

Chamber of Reflection (Slowed-down for the official video)

P.S. Wiz Khalifa sampled Chamber of Reflection in Smoke Chambers

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