Interview with Freddie Grahamz

K.I.D.S. (Kings In A Damned Society’s) own Freddie Grahamz is a Miami-Based artist. He released his debut mixtape earlier in 2015 along with a short film directed by UnkleLuc. Grahamz has more music ready for the summer. I had the great opportunity to interview him, get to know him.



While I would much rather let the listeners describe me, I gotta say that I’m all about music with purpose and with information down to the smallest subjects because as we grow up we find that nobody has all the answers.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired the most by my Kings In a Damned Society bros because they’re out and about a lil bit more then I am. In different ways, they remind me of myself. I am also inspired by Miami, “THE VIBE”, the whole city… I love it here.

What inspires your music?

Other music inspires my music. My kids inspire my music. That’s why outside of us as young men walking in the image of kings, the name K.I.DS  ( Kings In a Damned Society ) means a lot to me and what we are doing as a movement and as an outlet of information to not just “kids” but everybody.

What’s on your playlist right now?

Curren$y and Kodak Black. The thing about Kodak is he reminds me of  someone I know. His raps are also very clear and super on point. I’m a fan of that [“clean raps”]. Also The Life of Pablo , I’m a fan of the music not always the person. And some old Jay-Z from different albums that I keep on my phone.


Some of the people of this time that I really fuck with like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, WIz Khalifa, Rick Ross ( not only because he from the crib but I respect his rap style and  him as an intelligent street nigga). Outside of them? Just anybody who feels like we could work together. I’m not chasing a such-n-such feature at all. GHO$T got my back for now.

What are you hungry for?

I want the money and albums sales too I’d be lying if I said it didn’t matter. Respect in Hip-Hop would be dope, like that Jay-Z, Eminem, Mos Def Hip-Hop respect. When they respect your work, you’re a piece to the puzzle. Next to being the rich cousin all the family can call on, I gotta say respect in the game is [in my eyes] is the championship ring. R.I.P Phife Dawg btw respect.

What is greatness to you?

Like I said, greatness is respect in Hip-Hop while maintaining yourself as a man – a king. No Hollywood-ish. Standing up for who/want you believe in. My relationship with God is greatness because I’m a father and I understand how to be there for my children and my bros because God is there for me not cause I grew up with my father.

What’s your favorite on your latest mixtape, UpAllNite?

I gotta say “Da Intro” because it has something in it that gets me turnt every time. Sounds funny but that’s something else I’m inspired by. Da Intro to “UpAllNite” also “A Moment For Jazz” it kinda wrote itself. I love the off-keyness of it, good song in my opinion lol.


Well while we’re still getting more and more visuals for” UpAllNite”  for the people. We got alot of love for the Freddie Grahamz  – UpAllNite Short Film. We appreciate all the love for the $hort film, and we got more videos coming. Please subscribe to the KIDS records YouTube channel. I also have a live summer project dropping in between time for the people to bump to.


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