Throwback Thursday: The Cool Kids


The Cool Kids are reuniting! Mikey Rocks (now Sir Michael Rocks) and Chuck Inglish announced it on Twitter last night. This is a dream come true for the lost backpack-rapper lovers (aka me). It feels like I’m back in 9th grade listening to DJ Cannon yell over the Gone Fishing Mixtape. I would switch to “Jumprope” ft. Tenille every time I saw my crush.

In honor of The Cool Kids getting back together, here is a starter pack to The Cool Kids’ discography. I’ll start it off with one of my favorites “A Little Bit Cooler”. They knew they were trendsetters and they made it known in this track. I understood the annoyance of being unique and hated for it. People were afraid of difference and now it’s a trend. The Cool Kids were one of the pioneers to indie rap.

A Little Bit Cooler, Bake Sale EP

Black Mags, Directed by GLJoe

Big Talk, Directed By Three G

Pennies, Directed by GLJoe



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