Sample Saturdays: “Carol’s City” by Twelve’len


Twelve’len, now a solo act, is straight out of Carol City, FL. He released his debut album Friends a few months ago. Friends is dreamy, bubbly and colorful. The themes of friendship, relationships, and happy melodies make a fun, radiant album. “Carol’s City” is the breakdown of the tenth track “Girl from Nowhere”. It samples “Beam Ahh”, an underground Miami legend by DJ Chipman. It’s been played at BBQs and parties from Opa-Locka to Overtown and came along with Miami dances. The high-pitched voice of DJ Chipman is heard beneath the screwed beat of “Girl from Nowhere”. The sample blends into the new Miami sound. DJ Chipman is a Miami pioneer also responsible for mixing “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and helping it go viral. “Beam Ahh” samples Eamon’s “On&On” from Eamon’s debut album. Chipman sped the track up and layered his adlibs onto it. Miami’s underground music was famous for speeding up tracks and now it’s sound is changing. Twelve’len is a part of the experimental wave in Miami. With the track “Carol’s City” he’s bringing two worlds together.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first

Beam Ahh

On & On Eamon

Girl From Nowhere / Carol’s City (2:42 mark)


Friends is available on  iTunesTidal and Spotify 


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