10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for HIM (Under $50)

If you haven’t been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve seen the words “erasure of gender norms” and “feminism”. Feminism isn’t all radical beliefs and extreme protests. It’s another movement that fights for equality, not misandry. With equality, dynamics are equal on both sides. Ok,  I’ll skip the political talk. Valentine’s Day applies to guys too (the good ones at least). Two people giving each other the same amount of gifts? Perfect. Don’t get stuck in the typical gift giving of candy, clothes and watches. There are natural products and tech gadgets that can make life easier for your best bud. Here are some gift ideas for the special guy in your life:



  1. Balm & Co.’s Natural Beard Oil ($27)


2. Shave Tech USB Travel Electric Razor ($29)


3. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Kit ($16)


4. Tile Mate Phone/Item Tracker ($25)


phone5. Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset ($32)


6. Smartphone Projector ($11)


7. Xbox One Charging Dock  ($30)


8. DJ Khaled Card ($4)



9. Food (Carnal Dish Recipes, $varies)



10. An Experience ($varies)




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