Woman Wednesday: Kenricka Ox



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Kenricka was featured previously in an Art Feature back in 2015. She is a visual artist now based in New York City. Her artwork stems from a sociological perspective. With digital animations fit for Adult Swim, she documents her thoughts, the demons that we face, the current generation and the society that has molded us. She has curated unique In Loving Memory T-shirts and her own zine featuring her artwork. View more of her work below and on her website.k9 get this demon off my shoulder“Get this demon off my shoulder”

k10 party with the demons“Party with the Demons”

k12 You don_t want to know about me You don_t want to be around me Niggas want to call me family But they don_t ever be around me“You don’t want to know about me You don’t want to be around me Niggas want to call me family But they don’t ever be around me”

k5 voodoo on me i think she Haitian” Voodoo on me I think she Haitian”

k14 boy meets girl“Boy Meets Girl”

k1 whers the bud.jpg“Where’s the bud”

k2 j is for jugg“J is for Jugg”

k3 go 30. go 30“Go 30, Go 30”

k6 cover for sauceCover for “Woo” by Sauce McGraw ft. Sensei Smoke

tumblr_oms3enje9h1t9uh83o1_1280“Sneaker Bar”

tumblr_oqdp91xatt1t9uh83o1_1280“Hot Boy”

Watch Good Kill – animated film by killdkenny



Contact: kennykilld@gmail.com



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