Photography Profile: Zarita E Zevallos

Zarita Zevallos is a Haitian photographer and architect based in New York. Zarita portrays different aspects of masculinity through Kòktèl.  Kòktèl, the Haitian creole term which translates to the cocktail, is about exploring the diversity of masculinity. A cocktail is defined as a mixture of often diverse elements or ingredients. Zarita wanted to visually express the diversity of masculinity through thread bending, colors and movement. Her photography expresses the … Continue reading Photography Profile: Zarita E Zevallos

Short Film: Papa Machete

I had the honor of seeing Papa Machete at Homeless, a pop-up exhibit located in Miami. The exhibit curated by Axel Void featured local and international artists ranging from film to watercolor on canvas. Papa Machete takes the viewer on a voyage to Jacmel, Haiti where Alfred Avril teaches the Haitian art of machete fencing also known as Tire Machèt. The subsistence farmer also teaches the history … Continue reading Short Film: Papa Machete

The Neptunes Present… “The Eighth Planet”

  The short film takes the viewer to 2003 amongst The Neptunes rising and reign. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo go behind the scenes with interviews, beat-making, and music previews.   The 30-minute short film was included in The Neptunes Present…Clones album and Limited Edition Bonus DVD. It was directed and edited by Jason Goldwatch. It features the thought process behind the “Grinding” beat, the beginning of Clipse … Continue reading The Neptunes Present… “The Eighth Planet”

Style: Dreamstack

Dreamstack came to fruition back in January. As a product of testing ideas since 2013, it represents originality and creativity. With the motto: “Say less, Create more” it encourages creating a product instead of solely talking about it. Graphic t-shirts, bucket hats, and dad hats have been released. The latest release contains “Dream Denim” dad hats and the “Hidden God’s eye” tee (pictured below). Watch the latest BTS … Continue reading Style: Dreamstack

Local Music: “Only Us” by Freddie Grahamz

  Freddie Grahamz cruises the Miami streets in his latest video for “Only Us”. Grahamz’ sophomore mixtape, Goldmouth, is soon to be debuted. It follows the UpAllNite mixtape and short film. The upcoming mixtape features a BTS blog showing the making of the KIDEEZ remix and unreleased songs. In “Only Us” Grahamz displays his great storytelling ability about the grittiness of Miami with lyrics like “Down here you … Continue reading Local Music: “Only Us” by Freddie Grahamz

Barkley L. Hendricks dies at age 72

  Rest in Peace to the great Barkley L. Hendricks. He was a famous photographer and contemporary painter known for his portrayal of black subjects. He created works that displayed the unknown black experience through vivid colors and ideas. His work has been featured at the Studio Museum in Harlem, The National Gallery of Art, and his hometown at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Hendricks … Continue reading Barkley L. Hendricks dies at age 72