Art Basel Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again. Companies have joined in on the hype of Art Week by creating different art fairs, parties, concerts, and exhibitions. Many events are now available in Wynwood, Miami Beach, Overtown, and Downtown Miami. Check out the events below: Prizm Art Fair – Dec 3rd-9th -Alfred I. DuPont Building – 169 […]

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Art: Tawny Chatmon

Tawny Chatmon is a Tokyo-born photography-based artist. She started her creative journey as a commercial photographer then began exploring further after capturing the effects of prostate cancer on her father. Delving deep she experimented with collages, paint, and hand-drawn illustration while showing underrepresented beauty in different series. All images courtesy of Tawny Chatmon     […]

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Short Film: Trip by Jhene Aiko

Jhené Aiko released Trip, a surprise 22-track album on September 22nd. It features her daughter, Namiko Love, Kurupt, Mali Music, Brandy, Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, and Big Sean.  Stream the album here. A short film with the shared name was also released. Within the short, the character Penny finds love in a stranger and embarks on a road […]

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Short Film: Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu

Kenya’s first Sci-Fi short   Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu takes us to a post-apocalyptic dystopia 35 years after WWIII. The Water War left a damaged earth with scarce water and no organic life. Within Pumzi, the Maitu community is contained with limited contact and is forced to conserve any trace of water. Through Afrofuturism, Kahiu makes the […]

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Woman Wednesday: Kenricka Ox

    Kenricka was featured previously in an Art Feature back in 2015. She is a visual artist now based in New York City. Her artwork stems from a sociological perspective. With digital animations fit for Adult Swim, she documents her thoughts, the demons that we face, the current generation and the society that has molded […]

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Short Film: Ladylike

Ladylike is an amazing film that reimagines modern women in a noir world. Two retro vixens go through their day in style with a love for an interesting hobby. (Short film begins at 0:30) Ladylike is a present day film noir directed by Tiffany Johnson and co-written by Nicholas Williams. The pair produced the short with Jenapher Forline […]

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Photography Profile: Zarita E Zevallos

Zarita Zevallos is a Haitian photographer and architect based in New York. Zarita portrays different aspects of masculinity through Kòktèl.  Kòktèl, the Haitian creole term which translates to the cocktail, is about exploring the diversity of masculinity. A cocktail is defined as a mixture of often diverse elements or ingredients. Zarita wanted to visually express the diversity of masculinity […]

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Barkley L. Hendricks dies at age 72

  Rest in Peace to the great Barkley L. Hendricks. He was a famous photographer and contemporary painter known for his portrayal of black subjects. He created works that displayed the unknown black experience through vivid colors and ideas. His work has been featured at the Studio Museum in Harlem, The National Gallery of Art, […]

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Jay Z narrates “The War On Drugs Is An Epic Fail” In the short film, Jay Z gives a brief timeline of the failed War on Drugs. It all started with Richard Nixon in 1971. Fast forward to the 2010s, White entrepreneurs benefit and dominate the “new” marijuana industry while blacks and latinos are victims of it. The illustrations are provided by Molly Crabapple, a New […]

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