Art Feature: Os Gemeos

OSGEMEOS (“THETWINS”), Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, are twin Brazilian artists from Sao Paulo. The two were influenced by 1980s hip-hop culture in Brazil and they found a way to express themselves to the public. The two have created graffiti, murals, paintings, sculptures, and drawings in New York, Miami, Cuba, Japan, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany…just […]

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The Beyhive is still waiting on a new album from Beyonce. Since she announced her Formation Tour the biggest question has been surrounding new music and a new album. Maybe their wishes will be granted on the 23rd? No one knows…Well, Beyonce’s camp does.


Woman Wednesday: Vivaledanielle

Danielle is an artist hailing from South Florida. Her work and sketches contain various mediums like Prismacolor, Acrylic Paint, and Watercolor. Within her beautiful/trippy art, there are bright vivid colors and common themes of psychedelics, energy, and spiritual concepts. The Surrealistic methods within her art make it even the more breathtaking. I own one of her pieces […]

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Art Feature: Kenricka Ox

Kenricka Ox is a 20-year-old visual artist based in Broward, Florida. Her pieces contain satire, deep messages, and perspectives on social issues. Her work, usually featuring digital illustrations, defies the status quo while she delves into sociological issues. Her first series, Kenny Kills is diverse, it features messages like protesting against Xlaced (a local art collective), religious indoctrination, […]

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