Art Feature: Malik Roberts

Malik Roberts is a Brooklyn, NY based artist. He uses Cubist-inspired styles in his work along with a mix of Primitivism and Neo-Expressionism (Shoutout to Jean-Michel Basquiat). His works features different subjects like Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Mona Lisa and abstract objects. He has been featured in Brooklyn Magazine, The Burrprint blog, and Pigeons and Planes. […]

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Art Feature: FKA Twigs

Art comes in many forms: canvas, installation, poetry, dance, music and the list goes on. FKA Twigs, an alternative avant-garde singer, is known for being experimental and different with her own art. She mixes art forms with music and has created her own space and genre within the music world. This visual isn’t new, but it’s […]

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R8? No, Anti.

    Rihanna’s eighth album has been rumored to be called R8 but it’s Anti now. Rihanna released her album cover during a private event at a gallery in Los Angeles yesterday. It features a young girl (Maybe a young Rihanna) with a mask crown holding a balloon. The symbolism behind the imagery and the […]

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