Yeezus Season is approaching

According to Travis $cott’s Instagram, “It’s starting” Kanye West created a SoundCloud account and posted two “new” songs. The soundcloud features a remix of Say You Will from his 808s and Heartbreak album (featuring vocals by Caroline Shaw and a twist on the backbeat) and a rework of the Kanye produced “Tell Your Friends” by The […]

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Woodcrest Manor II

All We Need comes out tomorrow (October 16th). Raury, the 19-year-old Indigo Child, has been buzzing everywhere since the release of Indigo Child along with endorsements by Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Raury’s own Anti-tours. Raury gave us a few peeks into the upcoming album with Friends, Forbidden Knowledge featuring Big Krit  and now this. He can be described as […]

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Local Music: Twelve’len

Vares Joseph, Zach Fogarty and John Falco = Twelve’len Twleve’len = an alternative/indie rock band from Miami. This video is directed by Fxrbes and shot by Paul-Vincent This song and video is so fun. Listen, look at this and feel happy.

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Tyler says “FUCK IT”

  Tyler, the Creator talks about the issues surrounding him in this track recorded two weeks ago. He sounds hungry as he goes back to a flow and feel from his angsty Bastard days. He talks about being banned from Australia, his old bars being written when he was a virgin, Anti-Golf Boys and his […]

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R8? No, Anti.

    Rihanna’s eighth album has been rumored to be called R8 but it’s Anti now. Rihanna released her album cover during a private event at a gallery in Los Angeles yesterday. It features a young girl (Maybe a young Rihanna) with a mask crown holding a balloon. The symbolism behind the imagery and the […]

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SHOWstudio interviews Kanye West

People love to call Kanye egotistical, crazy and arrogant based on his frustrated interviews in the past. We can’t think of a future presidential candidate like this (Yes, he’s serious about running). This interview shows the real/calm Kanye. He talks about his usual issues like class-ism, visionaries, defining who he is, creativity, black people in […]

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