Music Finds: “EC interlude” by Chynna

Here’s an intro to Chynna Rogers, a West Philly based rapper, model, and DJ. The EC interlude has been buzzing on Twitter following Glen Coco. Be on the look out for her.

ILLIMITE – “The limits no longer apply.”

ILLIMITE is a Miami-based brand created by Handel Henri. The debut collection, “Exit-720” features five colorways: Teal, Pink, Burgundy, Black, and White. The French name translates to unlimited, limitless, boundless; infinite; unbounded, unconfined, and unrestricted. The brand serves as an ode to being limitless. There are no boundaries to your success or dreams. No limits should be applied to yourself…

VOTD: Blu Collar Workers

Blu & Exile released “Below the Heavens” in the summer of 2007. Blu Collar Workers is the 6th track out of 15. Exile produced the album and mixed samples with gritty-quirky beats. He sampled “Quicksand” by Martha and the Vandellas and “When Sunny Gets Blue” by Johnny Mathis in this track. Blu talked about his money and…

Local Music: Rainy Daze – Ivan M/M

Need a perfect mix to start the weekend? Check out Ivan M/M‘s smooth night mix. With features like Sweet Sweet by Travis Scott, Bad and Boujee by Migos, and Floyd Mayweather by Young Thug this mix will get you hype. Play it below and BLAST IT. Have a safe weekend. Stay tuned. Ivan M/M will release…

Local Music: “Back Off” by Locree

“Back Off” is a track from Florida’s own Locree. It’s s a catchy single from the upcoming  EP  When Its Dark I See Stars. Check out more of Locree’s work on his soundcloud.  

Music Finds: “Coins” by Local Natives

Taylor Rice’s voice was surely missed. Local Natives took a 3-year hiatus since their last album release of Hummingbird. Their new album, Sunlit Youth, was released earlier this month. Coins, the 7th track of the 12 track album has a colorful distorted lyric video created by Adam Fuchs. Fuchs, the art director of Adult, is known for working…

Kid Cudi freestyles on an 88 Keys beat

I can proudly say that I know this freestyle by heart. In his early days, Kid Cudi collaborated with 88 Keys to create some memorable songs like “Ho’ Is Short for Honey” (The Death of Adam) and “Wasting My Minutes” (Adam’s Case Files: The Mixtape). After recording “Wasting My Minutes”, 88 Keys played a few of his old beats, Cudi…

Meet Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote

  Hiatus Kaiyote is a neo-soul band based in Melbourne, Australia. Nai Palm is the lead singer with a sultry voice and “punk” appearance. StyleLikeU‘s What’s Underneath project lets artists talk about their story and their self-acceptance. At the end of the interview, the guests are in their underwear and vulnerable but happy with their core selves….

Music Finds: Wopaveli EP – Tio

Tio released a 9-track EP 2 days ago. It features the track Waves. The production and lyrics are both heavily influenced by trap, perfect for a party or kick back. Check it out.

Mick Jenkins performs “The Waters” at Pitchfork’s Festival

Without Vine, I wouldn’t have known about Mick Jenkins and his mixtape, The Waters. The lyrics “My n*gga mow the lawn it’s too many snakes. That’s the same shit that got Eve” looped over and over and I had to figure out who the artist was behind the words. After listening to the 15-track Mixtape, The…

“Nikes” by Frank Ocean

Can you believe that Frank Ocean is finally releasing music? Endless has been on repeat and I’m sure Boys Don’t Cry ( or whatever he names it) will too. Bask in this new video for the track, Nikes. Courtesy of Apple Music. Watch the video here.

Art Feature: Os Gemeos

OSGEMEOS (“THETWINS”), Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, are twin Brazilian artists from Sao Paulo. The two were influenced by 1980s hip-hop culture in Brazil and they found a way to express themselves to the public. The two have created graffiti, murals, paintings, sculptures, and drawings in New York, Miami, Cuba, Japan, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany…just…