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Art Basel Guide 2017

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Art Basel Miami Beach began in 2002. 15 years later, it’s a 2 week-long holiday. Art exhibitions slowly diffused out of the Miami Convention Center to Wynwood, Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown, and Hialeah. The South Beach art scene is exclusive. Local creatives made their own platforms outside of SoBe to display what they define as art. Of course, art week comes with a lot of parties but that’s beside the point. If you’re bored or like art as much as I do, read my mini Art Basel Week guide below:

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New Month: Try Something New

Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go — it becomes the driving force of your higher consciousness. Without an intention there is no map, and you’re just driving down a road with no destination in mind. – Chandresh Bhardwaj

Start off September the right way.

An intention is defined as an aim or plan. With this new month upon us, what are your intentions? 

Setting a goal isn’t enough, daily intentions allow the goal to be achieved. Intentions allow you to be present with yourself, your values and your emotional state within each day of the month. With a strategy used to live out each day, you better yourself for general life and for the goal that is to be achieved.




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Music Finds: “Three the Hard Way” by Atari Jones


 Atari Jones, straight from Cleveland, raps over vibrant jazz samples in the track “Three the Hard Way”. The song title is an ode to the 1974  film directed by Gordon Parks Jr.  Jones’ inspirational lyrics are perfect for 2017 motivation. As January comes to an end this is the perfect soundtrack. Everyone should be making something of themselves. The jazz-hip hop sound is reminiscent of  Blu’s Her Favorite Colo(u)r. With the aid of vocals from JuliaxG and Vveiss, a relaxing track was created.

Listen below: