Style: Dreamstack

Dreamstack came to fruition back in January. As a product of testing ideas since 2013, it represents originality and creativity. With the motto: “Say less, Create more” it encourages creating a product instead of solely talking about it.

Graphic t-shirts, bucket hats, and dad hats have been released. The latest release contains “Dream Denim” dad hats and the “Hidden God’s eye” tee (pictured below).






Watch the latest BTS vlog below on DreamstackTV. Contact: @Dreamstackco

ILLIMITE – “The limits no longer apply.”

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ILLIMITE is a Miami-based brand created by Handel Henri. The debut collection, “Exit-720” features five colorways: Teal, Pink, Burgundy, Black, and White. The French name translates to unlimited, limitless, boundless; infinite; unbounded, unconfined, and unrestricted. The brand serves as an ode to being limitless. There are no boundaries to your success or dreams. No limits should be applied to yourself or your drive. The ultimate inspiration for the motto “the limit no longer applies” and the brand is the Autobahn highway system located in Germany. It has no speed limit, once a driver sees the “limits no longer apply”(Ende aller Streckenverbote) sign they can go as fast as they want. With the right foundation and mindstate, the limits no longer apply.


View the promo video below featuring Tame Impala’s Runway, Houses, City, Clouds:

The next collection will feature added denim jackets, keychains, and shirts. Stay tuned.