9 Black Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

1. Candyman https://youtu.be/CeLZMhkFTuU Helen, a graduate student, researches superstitions in a Chicago housing project. She learns about the Candyman, an urban legend, who neighbors believe is responsible for a recent murder. 2. Bones https://youtu.be/tmnAVbpbLIA Jimmy Bones protects and serves his neighborhood with the respect of his peers. His spirit lives on after he is betrayed. … Continue reading 9 Black Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Golf Wang Fashion Show

Tyler the Creator presented his own fashion show with many in attendance. The models were draped in the Fall/Winter '15 GolfWang collection. The clothes are bright, daring, and skater-friendly just like Tyler. Anwar Carrots, Lionel, and Taco were amongst the walking models. Within the show, models walked on a brightly lit stage equipped with a skate … Continue reading Golf Wang Fashion Show