Sample Saturday: Death & Taxes by Daniel Caesar

    Daniel Caesar is a Canadian Soul/R&B singer and songwriter. He is known for his slow ballad "Get You" featuring Kali Uchis. Before releasing his debut studio album Freudian last month, Caesar released Pilgrim’s Paradise - a seven-song EP featuring my favorite track "Death & Taxes". No matter what we go through in life we can't avoid … Continue reading Sample Saturday: Death & Taxes by Daniel Caesar

Golf Wang Fashion Show

Tyler the Creator presented his own fashion show with many in attendance. The models were draped in the Fall/Winter '15 GolfWang collection. The clothes are bright, daring, and skater-friendly just like Tyler. Anwar Carrots, Lionel, and Taco were amongst the walking models. Within the show, models walked on a brightly lit stage equipped with a skate … Continue reading Golf Wang Fashion Show

Music Finds: “F+L” by Point Point

  The Parisian crew, Point Point, covered Kanye West’s Flashing Lights with a symphonic intro and electronic synths. Point Point makes Flashing Lights a completely different genre in the track “F+L”.


Kanye West’s Freestyle 4 gets a GolfWang remix with Tyler the Creator & A$AP Rocky. The high pitched violins and Tyler’s energy are a perfect match. More and more people are going to realize that Tyler’s immaturity and playfulness aren’t all that he has to offer. Enjoy the video and see for yourself.

Sample Saturdays: “Freestyle 4” by Kanye West

Kanye West has dominated this series due to his smart use of samples (and my bias). His latest album, The Life of Pablo, has been the most talked about album since he aired it at his Yeezy Season 3 showing. The album features juxtaposing gospel samples, 808s and raunchy lyrics. It’s an avant-garde “gospel album” that … Continue reading Sample Saturdays: “Freestyle 4” by Kanye West

Sample Saturdays: “No More Parties in LA” by Kanye West

Kanye West released the full version of “No More Parties in LA” earlier this week. The beautiful track features Kendrick Lamar and Madlib’s signature sounds, samples and loops. The song isn’t new but it sounds like it. The song was recorded around Kanye’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You can hear Kanye refer … Continue reading Sample Saturdays: “No More Parties in LA” by Kanye West


The Kanye fans are happy today (I know I am). Kanye released one and a half songs today on his website. The full track is “New Friends” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and the half track is “No More Parties in LA” featuring Kendrick Lamar. In a way with both tracks, we’re getting a little of … Continue reading #SWISH

Sample Saturdays: “Addiction” by Kanye West

Samples have always been an important part of music, especially with Hip Hop. They span from different eras like the Jazzy 1920s, Funky 1970s and all throughout time. This series will provide the sample lovers with different finds each Saturday. To start off, the sample from Kanye West’s Addiction will be featured. “Addiction”(Track number 11) … Continue reading Sample Saturdays: “Addiction” by Kanye West

Piss On Your Grave Travis $cott releases an eerie video for Piss On Your Grave, a collaboration with Kanye West. Piss On Your Grave is track number 8 from his latest album Rodeo. The video directed by Nabil features Travi$ and Kanye rapping in a forest’s sharp cinematography. The two seem to be dressed down in head to … Continue reading Piss On Your Grave

Yeezus Season is approaching

According to Travis $cott’s Instagram, “It’s starting” Kanye West created a SoundCloud account and posted two “new” songs. The soundcloud features a remix of Say You Will from his 808s and Heartbreak album (featuring vocals by Caroline Shaw and a twist on the backbeat) and a rework of the Kanye produced “Tell Your Friends” by The … Continue reading Yeezus Season is approaching