Must-See Fall Miami Concerts

As the air gets colder and people take out their pullovers, artists are coming to perform. Miami needs to get ready for all the music and art events that are coming up. Acts like Kid Cudi, Post Malone, and SZA will be here. See more below. Aquarius Heaven – Saturday, August 26 With Atomyard, Ben […]

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Kid Cudi freestyles on an 88 Keys beat

I can proudly say that I know this freestyle by heart. In his early days, Kid Cudi collaborated with 88 Keys to create some memorable songs like “Ho’ Is Short for Honey” (The Death of Adam) and “Wasting My Minutes” (Adam’s Case Files: The Mixtape). After recording “Wasting My Minutes”, 88 Keys played a few of his old beats, Cudi […]

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Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven Review

Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven was released last week on December 4th. It is Kid Cudi’s fifth studio album and is completely different from his previous endeavors. The genre of the entire album leans towards grunge-indie rock; straying from the alternative hip-hop sound that we’re used to hearing from Cudders. The album features 26 tracks of […]

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