Woman Wednesday: U4U Podcast by Kedesha Campbell

A podcast for you, about you, to make a better you. https://open.spotify.com/show/7mbCZGuzz0r9MASPFtY4PK?si=IT3B4mxhRk2BnmI2qDi4yg In the first episode of U4U Podcast, Kedesha Campbell answers the title question, "How Do You Do It?". Kedesha created U4U Podcast while on her self care journey. She decided to work on herself after realizing the effects of her new environment. She … Continue reading Woman Wednesday: U4U Podcast by Kedesha Campbell

Sleep: Overrated?

The amount of sleep needed varies with each individual and it generally changes as we age. According to Better Sleep, 48% of Americans say they don’t get enough sleep, but less than half of them take specific actions to get better sleep. Do you want to be a part of the other half that doesn't … Continue reading Sleep: Overrated?