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Fraga – On US


Inspired by thrill-seeking nights out, the Miami rapper Fraga charms your ears with style, flow, and charisma in his new upbeat single ‘ON US’.  Influence from Drake, Puffy and Mase in ‘97 is present on the track mix. Follow @zaddycoolseason  for what’s next in store from the self-proclaimed “Prettyboy”.


Spotify | SoundCloud


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Art Basel Guide 2017

Photo via

Art Basel Miami Beach began in 2002. 15 years later, it’s a 2 week-long holiday. Art exhibitions slowly diffused out of the Miami Convention Center to Wynwood, Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown, and Hialeah. The South Beach art scene is exclusive. Local creatives made their own platforms outside of SoBe to display what they define as art. Of course, art week comes with a lot of parties but that’s beside the point. If you’re bored or like art as much as I do, read my mini Art Basel Week guide below:

Events are in chronological order Continue reading Art Basel Guide 2017

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Short Film: Papa Machete

I had the honor of seeing Papa Machete at Homeless, a pop-up exhibit located in Miami. The exhibit curated by Axel Void featured local and international artists ranging from film to watercolor on canvas.

Papa Machete takes the viewer on a voyage to Jacmel, Haiti where Alfred Avril teaches the Haitian art of machete fencing also known as Tire Machèt. The subsistence farmer also teaches the history of the machete which was used in the Haitian Revolution to gain victory over the French. The machete has many uses and carries a theme within Avril’s life. It is used to fight within Tire Machèt and also to fight agricultural globalization when used as a farming tool.

 In 2015, the film made its U.S. premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. The short film was produced by Third Horizon and directed by Jonathan David Kane. Third Horizon is a Miami-based collective of Caribbean creatives. The collective displays and supports Caribbean filmmakers at their own annual film festival. The Third Horizon Caribbean Film Festival will take place at O Cinema and Pérez Art Museum Miami from September 28 to October 1st.

Learn more about Haitian machete fencing at




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Local Music: “Only Us” by Freddie Grahamz


Freddie Grahamz cruises the Miami streets in his latest video for “Only Us”. Grahamz’ sophomore mixtape, Goldmouth, is soon to be debuted. It follows the UpAllNite mixtape and short film. The upcoming mixtape features a BTS blog showing the making of the KIDEEZ remix and unreleased songs.

In “Only Us” Grahamz displays his great storytelling ability about the grittiness of Miami with lyrics like “Down here you don’t have to jump in to be involved, and you don’t need no initiation baby.”

Watch the “Only Us” video above.

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Local Music: “Versace Mansion” by Xleoniduz

You can find satisfaction right here in Versace Mansion.

versace mansion

Xleoniduz makes an ode to Miami’s own Versace Mansion. With a genre-defying beat and warped vocals, a new sound is coming from the up and coming artist. Listen to the track below.

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Local Music: Xleoniduz and L.E.O collab in “Dade County”

Xleoniduz and L.E.O rap with Miami as their background. Within the video directed by Terence Price, Miami goes beyond Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. King of Diamonds, Mama Lucy’s All Pro Ribs, and the Pork N’ Beans are highlighted. A different part of Miami is shown through the combination of video and photography.

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“Tommy Vercetti freestyle” by Xleoniduz

Xleoniduz takes us back to 2002 Grand Theft Auto as he pays his dues to Tommy Vercetti. The Miami native freestyles on the relaxed beat with the beach as his background. The video is directed by Mxstermind.


Check out Xleoniduz’ new collab with l.e.other titled Dade County.




Instagram: @Xleoniduz  Photo by Mxstermind.



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Sample Saturdays: “Carol’s City” by Twelve’len


Twelve’len, now a solo act, is straight out of Carol City, FL. He released his debut album Friends a few months ago. Friends is dreamy, bubbly and colorful. The themes of friendship, relationships, and happy melodies make a fun, radiant album. “Carol’s City” is the breakdown of the tenth track “Girl from Nowhere”. It samples “Beam Ahh”, an underground Miami legend by DJ Chipman. It’s been played at BBQs and parties from Opa-Locka to Overtown and came along with Miami dances. The high-pitched voice of DJ Chipman is heard beneath the screwed beat of “Girl from Nowhere”. The sample blends into the new Miami sound. DJ Chipman is a Miami pioneer also responsible for mixing “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and helping it go viral. “Beam Ahh” samples Eamon’s “On&On” from Eamon’s debut album. Chipman sped the track up and layered his adlibs onto it. Miami’s underground music was famous for speeding up tracks and now it’s sound is changing. Twelve’len is a part of the experimental wave in Miami. With the track “Carol’s City” he’s bringing two worlds together.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first

Beam Ahh

On & On Eamon

Girl From Nowhere / Carol’s City (2:42 mark)


Friends is available on  iTunesTidal and Spotify 


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Local Music: “Back Off” by Locree


“Back Off” is a track from Florida’s own Locree. It’s s a catchy single from the upcoming  EP  When Its Dark I See Stars. Check out more of Locree’s work on his soundcloud.


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Music Finds: Wopaveli EP – Tio

Tio released a 9-track EP 2 days ago. It features the track Waves. The production and lyrics are both heavily influenced by trap, perfect for a party or kick back. Check it out.