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Art Basel Guide 2017

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Art Basel Miami Beach began in 2002. 15 years later, it’s a 2 week-long holiday. Art exhibitions slowly diffused out of the Miami Convention Center to Wynwood, Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown, and Hialeah. The South Beach art scene is exclusive. Local creatives made their own platforms outside of SoBe to display what they define as art. Of course, art week comes with a lot of parties but that’s beside the point. If you’re bored or like art as much as I do, read my mini Art Basel Week guide below:

Events are in chronological order Continue reading Art Basel Guide 2017

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Twelve’len and Skott collaborate in “Test Our Luck”

“Time is the gap between ourselves and our desires. Only we can fill the gap. We never know for sure, but know for sure we have to test our luck in the pursuit. And blow away those fires of doubt.” -Twelve’Len


Photo courtesy of Pigeons and Planes


Twelve’len, a Carol City native, and Swedish-born Skott collaborate on “Test Our Luck” for the Meet me in the Gap campaign. The campaign is based on connecting different worlds, styles, and looks. Different sounds and cultures come together and show that they can coexist. “When we meet people who are not like us we will probably find we have more in common that the stuff that keeps us apart”.

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Sample Saturdays: “Carol’s City” by Twelve’len


Twelve’len, now a solo act, is straight out of Carol City, FL. He released his debut album Friends a few months ago. Friends is dreamy, bubbly and colorful. The themes of friendship, relationships, and happy melodies make a fun, radiant album. “Carol’s City” is the breakdown of the tenth track “Girl from Nowhere”. It samples “Beam Ahh”, an underground Miami legend by DJ Chipman. It’s been played at BBQs and parties from Opa-Locka to Overtown and came along with Miami dances. The high-pitched voice of DJ Chipman is heard beneath the screwed beat of “Girl from Nowhere”. The sample blends into the new Miami sound. DJ Chipman is a Miami pioneer also responsible for mixing “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and helping it go viral. “Beam Ahh” samples Eamon’s “On&On” from Eamon’s debut album. Chipman sped the track up and layered his adlibs onto it. Miami’s underground music was famous for speeding up tracks and now it’s sound is changing. Twelve’len is a part of the experimental wave in Miami. With the track “Carol’s City” he’s bringing two worlds together.

aafleur recommendation: Listen to the sample first

Beam Ahh

On & On Eamon

Girl From Nowhere / Carol’s City (2:42 mark)


Friends is available on  iTunesTidal and Spotify 


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Local Music: “Sweet” by Twelve’len


Miami’s own Twelve’len released this video in 2014 and I had to revisit it. The editing and vocals are perfect. Sweet hails from Twelve’len’s 2013 project, Yellow.

The video is Shot by flowercop and the band’s own John Falco.



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Local Music: PINK – Twelve’len

Twelve’len finally released their LP, Pink, featuring songs like You & I and Packing. They’ve mastered meshing many genres while creating their unique alternative sound. “She Went to Seattle” is one of my favorites from the 5-track LP. The harmonies, mood and the drum/guitar sesh at the end make it worthwhile. Stream the LP here.

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Local Music: “Packing” by Twelve’len

Twelve’len released a video for Packing. The track is most likely from their Pink EP (It’s coming soon)

Video directed by David Wept


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Local Music: Twelve’len

Vares Joseph, Zach Fogarty and John Falco = Twelve’len

Twleve’len = an alternative/indie rock band from Miami.

This video is directed by Fxrbes and shot by Paul-Vincent

This song and video is so fun. Listen, look at this and feel happy.