Art Basel Guide 2017

Art Basel Miami Beach began in 2002. 15 years later, it's a 2 week-long holiday. Art exhibitions slowly diffused out of the Miami Convention Center to Wynwood, Little Haiti, Liberty City, Overtown, and Hialeah. The South Beach art scene is exclusive. Local creatives made their own platforms outside of SoBe to display what they define … Continue reading Art Basel Guide 2017

Short Film: Papa Machete

I had the honor of seeing Papa Machete at Homeless, a pop-up exhibit located in Miami. The exhibit curated by Axel Void featured local and international artists ranging from film to watercolor on canvas. Papa Machete takes the viewer on a voyage to Jacmel, Haiti where Alfred Avril teaches the Haitian art of machete fencing also known … Continue reading Short Film: Papa Machete

Music Finds: “Jasmine” by Starve Marve

If you’re a fan of Wynwood’s Second Saturday, the lyrics and face may seem familiar. Miami’s own Starve Marve is a spoken hip hop artist and producer. According to his website bio, his sound is “somewhere between Boom Bap and Electronic". He blurs the line between music and poetry; Hip Hop at its rawest form. … Continue reading Music Finds: “Jasmine” by Starve Marve